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The Zen On May - 11 - 2012

In which some accidental worldbuilding starts to creep into this ridiculous scenario. Who knew?

But first, the usual adorableness from an eleven-inch Jon.

Why Jon found a lot to identify with in Ratatouille:

He eats a lot of foods that are prepared in small quantities or carved into fitting portions, but there’s no substitute for proper New York pizza. Even if it does take him a week to finish a slice.

“If we amplify everything…then we won’t be able to hear Tiny Jon.”

His final speech at the Rally involved a lot of pacing around on top of the podium.

And then there’s the dilemma he runs into with awards shows….

“Stephen! Help!”

“Oh, no. You said I wasn’t allowed to touch your Emmy any more, so I’m staying right over here.”

They really do get along, though. Which is how Stephen ends up taking Jon to a designer clothing store:

Clothes for tiny people used to be limited to manufacturer afterthoughts, which is how Jon got used to grey T-shirts and khakis all the time. Now that designers have started treating this as a legitimate market, Stephen is proud to be Jon’s ambassador into the world of fashion.

Or so he claims. Jon has a hunch Stephen just likes having an excuse to play dress-up.

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