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For a Secret Santa exchange, prompt: Jon/”Stephen”, after a freak accident, he gains the ability to hear what the other is really thinking.

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Challenged to write a fic pairing “Stephen” with someone other than Jon. Say, the barista under his desk.

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The prompt: “A story about the space under Stephen’s desk! He’s had two Starbucks, a gitmo-esque prison, Jews apparently building a pyramid, and ‘his Asians’. There’s definitely something fishy going on.”

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Written (and then illustrated) for a Secret Santa exchange. When Jon accidentally discovers that he has superpowers, the 2002-era news team is there to support him…except for a very upset Stephen, who has always wanted to have powers of his own.

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Crossover with Ranma ½, as written for a prompt. Stephen gets back from an invigorating vacation…at Jusenkyo.

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For the prompt “Fixed”. Stephen decides to help Olivia out.

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