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A tribute to the Stewart-Colbert wedding paired rallies, drawn while doing an impression of Jules Feiffer.

Challenged to write a fic pairing “Stephen” with someone other than Jon. Say, the barista under his desk.

Jon figures out something important about the happy AU version of Stephen…on their third date.

The prompt: “A story about the space under Stephen’s desk! He’s had two Starbucks, a gitmo-esque prison, Jews apparently building a pyramid, and ‘his Asians’. There’s definitely something fishy going on.”

Clothing Choices

Olivia tries to figure out her role on The Daily Show, outfit-wise.

An exchange with a psych major who was struck by this analysis, and emailed to ask about…well, you’ll see.

Stephen doesn’t trust any plan that sounds too complicated.

What follows is the result of a whole lot of reading on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Rather than a full-fledged essay, it’s the raw material for one: excerpts of the most interesting and relevant material, with notes on how it applies to “Stephen”.

An AU version of Formidable Opponent: Liberal!Stephen dismantles his own opinion (so you don’t have to).

Pundits meet Twilight. Because if anyone can pull off being a sparkly vampire, it’s Anderson Cooper.

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You Know You’re A Fake News Junkie When…

If you exhibit more than four of these symptoms, consult your doctor. That, or go into politics. Studies show you’re knowledgeable enough for it.

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