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Stephen objects to a prediction of next year’s biggest trends.

Written (and then illustrated) for a Secret Santa exchange. When Jon accidentally discovers that he has superpowers, the 2002-era news team is there to support him…except for a very upset Stephen, who has always wanted to have powers of his own.

Cougar Hunting

Kristen takes Olivia on a hunt for the most dangerous game: woman.

The Joint Stewart-Colbert Rally

There were too many wonderful moments to count at the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. But from a shipper’s perspective, this one’s hard to beat.


Stephen eagerly awaits the execution of Saddam Hussein.


Crack. Everybody wants a piece of Jon; Stephen’s afraid he doesn’t stand a chance. Music: Bowling for Soup, “The Girl All The Bad Guys Want”


Stephen reacts to the death of Gerald Ford.

Crossover with Ranma ½, as written for a prompt. Stephen gets back from an invigorating vacation…at Jusenkyo.


This vid is the illegitimate child of This Week In God and Even Stepvhen, raised from infancy in a convent of Jonist nuns. Music: David Phelps, “The End of the Beginning”

A brief rant by Stephen on the immorality, immodesty, and ick factor of same-sex marriage. Music: Roy Zimmerman, “Defenders Of Marriage”

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By Robert Faires Source Getting hired as a correspondent for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart was, without question, a great break for Hasan Minhaj. But it isn’t as if the 29-year-old comedian was sitting around waiting for his cell to ring. This is a guy who in just a few years has made a mark in stand-up, […]

October 2nd, 2013: The Taping ReporT!

By Anna-Neko Source This was my second time going (went with a friend last year), and just the day before got to experience ‘The Daily Show’ too!

You Know You’re A Fake News Junkie When…

If you exhibit more than four of these symptoms, consult your doctor. That, or go into politics. Studies show you’re knowledgeable enough for it.

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