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Taping reporT written up shortly after attending the Report, October 31, 2007.


Your favorite hour of the night, set to an orchestral prog-rock version of the Nutcracker. Music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, “A Mad Russian’s Christmas”

I went to Jon Stewart’s live standup show in Boston on October 6, 2006. Then I waited outside the studio with a dozen other fans, and we got autographs. Then I caught a taxi, settled at the airport, and killed some of the time waiting for my flight by writing everything down. This…is that story.


First (and probably last) Stephen/Tad vid. Music: Culture Club, “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”

A multi-chapter webcomic. Stephen is a vampire. The Hellsing Organization is after him. Jon is really wishing he’d stayed home today.

For the prompt “Fixed”. Stephen decides to help Olivia out.


First vid in the fandom, a semi-serious character study to a relentlessly perky tune. Music: Mighty Mighty Bosstones, “The Impression That I Get”


If Stephen says it, it must be true… Music: Dave Sasscer, “Jon Stewart Is God” (karaoke version generously provided by the artist)

Nobody panic — the site’s still here.  It’s just in the middle of a revamp, using WordPress’ software to make it classier-looking and easier to update.  Stick around.

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