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The Zen On May - 11 - 2011

The amount of articles I’ve posted on this site so far is really gross, you guys.

(No, seriously, it’s 144.)

About a third of the aptly named “article mess” folder is now sorted and posted. They’re not going up in any particular order, although some of them are being saved for last — the ones in the form of magazine scans, for instance, which may need transcription. Also, the ones about fake news shows other than TDS and TCR, which I haven’t figured out how to categorize (at least, not without breaking the layout).

I think my favorites so far are the staff interviews. The people with famous faces get a lot of media attention, but so often they end up saying the same things to a dozen different reporters. Oh, and this analysis of Jon’s and Stephen’s auras, which is just kind of delightful.

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