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Jon and Stephen

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show, ’99-

Would be the guy in the back of the bar yelling at the TV, except that they gave him a show. In spite of his frustration at the news and the constant belittling from his correspondents, he manages to retain his core of Zen.

Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report, ’05-

A well-intentioned, poorly-informed, high-status idiot. Loves America; fears bears; highly damaged. Will take any piece of twisted logic on faith, then run with it until it breaks.

Craig Kilborn and Jon Stewart

Craig Kilborn

The Daily Show, ’96-’98

The original host of the show, known for his frat-boy style and 6’5″ height. When he left to take over The Late Late Show, taking his signature “5 Questions” interview segment with him, many wondered how anyone else could fill his shoes.

Pictured with nineties-era Jon Stewart, who filled them. (While standing at 5’6″, even.)

Other Series, Other Hosts

Demetri Martin, Important Things
John Oliver, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show
Jon Stewart, The Jon Stewart Show
Lewis Black, Root of All Evil
Olivia Munn, Attack of the Show! (co-host)

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If you exhibit more than four of these symptoms, consult your doctor. That, or go into politics. Studies show you’re knowledgeable enough for it.

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